yadseuT elat llat sdrawkcab

ppmeL eneG took over for Charon last weekend when Charon’s bowling league went to the state championships. He said Styx was creepy and smelly, his boss was devilish, his clients were dead, but the pay was so good he can finally afford the villa in Olympus he’d been wanting.

Olympus–don’t forget your toga

enirehtaC once found a hat on a bridge. Anytime she put it on, she could hear others’ thoughts. She worked for the police, interrogating suspects, until one day when she was crossing the same bridge that she found it on . . . a troll attacked her and took back his hat. He also gave her quite a nice size goose-egg on her head for “stealing his precious.”

raeppasthguohT and her high school space traveling thespian team have the galaxy record for the most plays performed on the most solar systems. She’s famous for her role as Liliwinlilian in the award winning Grouch Stares into the Neverending Vacuum Abyss.

eelyaB nedE the archeologist, on a dig in Salt Lake City, discovered Dr. Monsieur Mole’s sinister plot to dig tunnels under every major American city, so they would eventually collapse into a pile of rubble. Thankfully, she got the information into the right hands just in time . . . and by flooding his mole holes with water, his domination will never see fruition.


NewOBK‘s evil stepmother is very evil, and green with jealousy and white with rage regarding NewOBK’s beauty and talent for being next in line for the throne. First, she tried to kill NewOBK by planting a poisoned comb in her bureau. Luckily, NewOBK didn’t comb her hair that day. Second, she tried to kill NewOBK by poisoning her bathwater. Luckily, NewOBK didn’t bathe that day, either. And finally, evil stepmother tried to kill NewOBK by offering her hot chocolate with foamy whipped cream on top. Luckily, NewOBK was lactose intolerant and refused–however, the drink looked so good the stepmother drank it herself and fell down dead. However, NewOBK has now grown so paranoid that she stopped bathing and combing her hair entirely.

kriK gniynuJ can create flowers out of good thoughts and delicious meals out of good words and pies in the face of the wicked out of noble deeds.

Sir Nigel Wigglebottom studied ants for a thousand years. And then he studied elephants for a thousand years. And then he studied lions for a thousand years. And then he studied gorillas for a thousand years. And then he took over the world.

Tsugua is a master chef–legend has it that she created a nine-course meal for the pope out of three goldfish, a can of black beans, Wonder bread, four strawberries, Cooler Ranch Doritos, fish broth, and dandelion salad. He claimed that meal was the closest he’d ever get to heaven on earth. I’m wondering if she’s an enchantress.

Uadnileisus is one of those crazies who jumps out of helicopters to ski down mountains, hang glides from Niagra Falls, parachutes off the 5 tallest buildings in the world, and spelunkers in underwater caves. The cool part about it? She’s blind.

ETIHW YNAFFIT played her zither with Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Mick Jagger, Steve Tyler, and Starchild, The Demon, Spaceman, & Catman. Wig, boots, vests, makeup, sweat, leather . . . she’s the real deal. The real zither deal.

Rock on!

Sniktiw Ssej is the world famous LEGO architect. You know the Japanese LEGO pagoda in the Emperor’s garden? That was her. You know the new monument in Washington for all the presidents who were assassinated? The one in the form of the grim reaper? That was her, too. And the new LEGO Roller coaster made entirely of LEGO bricks? That was hers, too . . . but that was done during her “wacko” years.

Nede is the super eco-concious fashion designer, who won’t sew with any fabric unless it’s been either thrifted or made from recycles paper. Needless to say, she’s been accused of formulating this whole “global warming” theory to boost her sales.

reklaW divaD built an ark, freed a slave, slew a giant, was swallowed by a whale, healed a leper, and went to heaven in a flaming chariot–just like all of his favorite Bible characters.

yelleK nnyL collects old cats. It doesn’t really matter what color or species they are, they just have to be old. She’s like the Mother Teresa of Catlandia. In fact, an aging lioness has been known to walk more than 100 miles to make it to her doorstep.

Eener is a quilter. THE quilter. Her quilts predict the future.

Galiram is the first Lady Knight recognized by King Arthur for her noble deeds. However, Sir Kay made a ruckus about her being “just a girl,” (just as he always makes a ruckus with any new knight), King Arthur sent her on three quests to test her skill: One, to fetch the golden Goose from the Giants in the Sky. Two, to bring back the elixir of Life from Morgana. And third, to steal the flaming sword from the cherubim guarding the Garden of Eden. She completed two of the tasks.

rennikS was the first man on the moon. Lured by promises of everlasting cheese, many men fought for their right to be man on the moon. But no one did until Armstrong came along . . . he was a worthy opponent . . . and the first to usurp rennikS.

Sdrahcir Aicram, the most beautiful girl in the galaxy. “Is this the face that launched a thousand spaceships?” they said of her after her disappearance caused the Third Galaxy War.

Drofgdirb Nhoj Nayrb, oh how he loved his longboard. He’s the only man to ever longboard across the whole state of Arizona, the first to longboard up Mount Elbert, and the first to give away thousands of longboards to kids in central South America. Which is why longboards in central South America are sometimes called Drofgdirb.

Sweet! That was fun. Let’s do this again. You heard me. Two weeks. Be here or be square.

Just leave a comment below of a place.

And then I’ll randomly chose a dozen names in the comments to create a dozen tall tales from.

And spread the word! The more the merrier!

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  1. Love the new villa by the way, except for when Ares, my new neighbor, starts running around in the middle of the night howling like a hyena. Strange guy.

    And, a place – Angkor Wat

  2. So that’s where I got my headache. Love the castle. You have an amazing imagination Ellie.

    • EllieAnn

       /  February 7, 2012

      LoL–moral of the story. Don’t pick up any hat that doesn’t belong to you. ;)

  3. Ah, you noticed that I let my personal hygiene slip a little…thanks for the shout-out, Ellie! Antarctica.

    • EllieAnn

       /  February 7, 2012

      haha! you know people say showering every day is bad for your hair. :)

  4. I wish I could quilt like that. But I can predict the future. How did you know? ;-) LOVE these, as you know.

    I like Camp Seneca Lake — (my old summer camp)

  5. This is awesome; always makes my otherwise gloomy Tuesday! Lessee…I’ll go with “Outer Mongolia” for $500, Alex.

  6. Too much fun! The pictures are a riot and the writing had me in stitches. Thanks for the early morning escape.

  7. This is so funny! I thought your account had been hacked!!
    Love that Renee can now tell the future and Lynn collects cats – hilarious!


  8. A lot of fun, as always – I’d gladly step down for Armstrong. Eener The Quilter, on the other hand, sounds like an oracle from a late-’70s bit of high fantasy.

  9. Being the catalyst for galactic wars is my kind of fun…I’ll have to disguise this face now so the rest of them don’t know what to expect.

    Love this Ellie! So much fun…Tazmania!

  10. Agh! You gave up my recipe! ;) It’s okay. I’d be honored if anyone’s up for the Epop’s 9-course Doritos hot dish challenge.

    I second Catherine’s thought. Your imagination is out of this world.

    • EllieAnn

       /  February 7, 2012

      haha, that dish sounds like something I’d see at our church’s potluck.

  11. This was fun. Just got a headache trying to read the name backwards. Didn’t know it could do that. Reminds me of the Greek demigods at Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Prefer the comfort of Mount Olympus over Hades…though Hades have the riches so maybe, I could sneak in there a few times. ;-)

  12. Ooooo…I love it!

    Can it be a fictional place? If so, I choose The Doldrums from Phantom Tollbooth. If it has to be real, I’m going with Pompeii.

  13. I know it shouldn’t be, but with the names backwards, it really did make this a bit more difficult to read. LOL

    Awesome post, Ellie! As usual, you amaze me with your apparent window into my soul…

    A place – Brennan’s (restaurant) in New Orleans

  14. Thanks, Eille. You have no idea how HOT it is in those chariots of fire. For a more mundane trip, how about Katmandu?

  15. lynnkelleyauthor

     /  February 7, 2012

    Haha! This is such a fun post. I’m not too good at reading backwards. After awhile I thought some of the regular words were backwards, too! A mild case of jumbled brain today. You came up with some whoppers. Made me LOL!

  16. Sorry I didn’t get here right away, that lazy emperor knocked down a wall of his pagoda again and I’ve been rebuilding it for hours! I sure could use of one August’s fancy schmancy carpet bag of meal deals.

    I pick…WISCONSIN! Land of the Free and Home of the…Brats!

  17. Eden Rebekah

     /  February 7, 2012

    haha nice one, Ellie!
    has Narnia been taken? If it has the I choose under my bed :)

  18. Ha! ” … flooding his mole holes with water, his domination will never see fruition.” That’s the funniest line I’ve read yet!

    Thanks Ellie!

    place – Kathmandu



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