Harrison Ford, I salute you

It is an amazing feat for a person to be in one iconic, genre-changing movie in his lifetime. But to be in three? Harrison Ford, I salute you.

My new post for Slackerheroes.com. In which I gush about Harrison Ford for a bit. Read it here: Harrison Ford, I salute you…

What is YOUR favorite of his roles?

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  1. EVERYTHING. I had the biggest crush on him growing up. Ironically, I am now married to an Indiana Jones. I really liked him in Morning Glory and Cowboys & Aliens as far as recent movies.

  2. Indiana Jones and The Fugitive are my favourites. Didn’t like him in Morning Glory at all.

  3. Indiana Jones was not only my first crush, but inspired me to want to study ancient history and archaeology. Great stuff as always, Ellie!

  4. Yeah, he’s bad! I just came back from the post and liked the FB page. Be back soon.


  5. Saw the funniest sign in Madison that read “It’s Dangerous to Fly Solo, Take a Wookie With You!” It had Han Solo as the main image and in place where phone number tabs were, there were pictures of Chewbacca. LOL

  6. Check out his early (first?) role in George Lucas’ American Graffiti. It got him the Han Solo part. Great true story in which a movie producer didn’t think Ford had star quality. He showed Ford a clip from a film in which a young Tony Curtis played a grocery store bag boy. He told Ford: “You just look at that guy and think ‘Movie Star!’” Ford (who is clearly an actor’s actor) replied: “I thought you were supposed to think: ‘bag boy.’”

  7. My favorite Ford role is Rick Deckard in Blade Runner. I can’t believe the Ender movie is finally going to make it! I love that book. I’ve read it several times.

    • EllieAnn

       /  May 19, 2012

      I really hope they get it right! I’m looking forward to seeing it on screen.


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