If you don’t see me around town, at the grocery store, cleaning the house, doing my hair, putting away laundry, and getting dressed as much lately then you’ve got WanaTribe to blame.

I’ve been a part of the #mywana twitter group since it’s birth. I’ve enjoyed every minute of the MyWana group on Facebook. I’ve read Kristen Lamb’s blog basically since she began, and had much less than the two gazillion followers she has now. I’m involved because when I am, I always see results in my work. Oh, and because it’s a boatload of FUN!

And now the MyWana revolution has evolved. It has an awesome website with forums, member pages, media, and it even has a SCHOOL! This is like ¬†fully functioning cyber village, y’all. And it’s all about Connecting the HeARTS. Whether you’re a writer, journalist, dancer, public speaker, cartoonist, or professional clown artist . . . there’s a place for you at MyWana Tribe.

The practical value is huge. By meeting likeminded other artists, you become invested in their careers and vice versa. And then you have a group that cares about your next release, your next blog post, and even if you finish that MS you started!

Plus, it’s got like the cutest mascot known to man:

Here’s my blurb about it:

When I first heard about writers platforms, I thought it was some kind of special writing shoe. But then when I heard Kristen Lamb speak about it at the DFW Con, I became afraid. Very afraid. So much of my writing career depending on getting a good platform and I had no idea how to even build a step stool, much less a platform! But then after reading MyWana blogs religiously and buying the books, I saw it was actually easy and fun . . . because MyWana is about people!
My favorite thing about MyWana is that it is like attending a big, friendly, intelligent writers conference everyday. I’m constantly meeting like minded artists and am being challenged to be the best writer I can, learn more about the craft, to sit my butt down and write, and also to laugh about all our mistakes.
The second thing I love most about MyWana is how focused it is on the craft. It’s not “10 Easy Steps To Being A Bestselling Author.” It’s “Here’s some advice on how to craft good characters, plot, dialogue, voice, structure, etc . . . because writing books is darn difficult.”
MyWana was revolutionary for my writing. Not in a behead-all-the-Aristocrats French Revolution way, but in a we’re-stronger-together revolution way.
It’s vital. It’s educational. It’s engaging. And most of all, it’s a whole lot of fun!

So whether you’re a baby blogger or an old torch juggler, go check out MyWana tribe. The benefits are overwhelming. Thank you, Kristen Lamb. Thank you.

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  1. just checking it out now!

    • EllieAnn

       /  June 10, 2012

      great! if you sign up, be sure to connect to my page then I can stalk you from there. ;)

  2. Your blurb is precious! As funny, sweet and articulate as you are. Did you happen to have an idea of what those shoes might’ve been like? LOL

    WANA really does have that writers conference feel, much because of the driven and talented writers (and now all artists) it attracts. Such an honor being part of it with you, Ellie Ann. Yours was one of the first blogs I fell in love with. Thanks for this post!

    • EllieAnn

       /  June 10, 2012

      I’m sure those shoes were platformed plushy slippers. I’m sure of it.
      It’s been a honor to be a part of Wana with you, August!

  3. Love the Revolution comparison… Hilarious, El!

  4. Kristen is inspired no doubt about it. I looked at the pages on the new WANA site and didn’t see my category- guess that means I’ll have to start it. I’ll wait a week or so first just to see if an enthusiastic expat shows up.
    Still laughing at your horse video on FB. So yes- her advice is golden!!! Well said EA.

    • EllieAnn

       /  June 10, 2012

      what is your category, Emily? I’d love to know more! And you should start one. I just started a Transmedia and Mixed Media tribe this afternoon.

      • Hmm- good question. Maybe it`s ” Global Nomads”….every place and no place is home. Writers- artists- share your work from wherever you are?

  5. Kristen Lamb knows her stuff when it comes to writers platform building. Many of my writing buds are in your twibe. :)

  6. Ellie, you are spot on about everything here. (including the shoes, LOL – me, too!). Thanks for being such a fab friend. :D

    • EllieAnn

       /  June 10, 2012

      You’re one of the FIRST who befriended me, K.B. I’ll forever be grateful to you for showing me around. =)

  7. Author Kristen Lamb

     /  June 9, 2012

    What a fabulous plug. THANK YOU. And I am happy you feel this way about WANA because that was the goal. When I began my writing career I had very little outside understanding or support and it made it tough. That’s why I created WANA, to give other writers something I didn’t have.


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