Friday Favorites: Skater Boys and Billy Purgatory

I’ve always liked watching skaters and I always will.

Wait, wait, wait! Not THESE kind of skaters!

Yeah that’s better

Here’s an incredible video of Kilian Martin and his skateboard, in the most lovely city to do skateboarding tricks in.

And yes we all love skater boys and we all love it when they fall down, too. Here’s a funny funny video about Most Awesome Skateboard Fail Reactions. (warning: since there are so many falls there is really graphic language because if you can’t cuss when you fall I don’t know when you can)

But there’s one particular skater boy I want to tell you about.

His name’s Billy. Billy Purgatory.

I freakin’ loved this book. It had some of the best, most beautiful prose I’ve read in a long time. Here’s my video review of the book (it’s really dark because I could either film the video in a dim room or in a room with noisy kids so I chose the dim room).

Billy Purgatory’s cool and interesting. He cares about nothing and about everything. He’s a good person, and you’re rooting for him from the first page. The book is also cool because there are vampires, Time Zombies, and even Greek mythology woven in there! I highly recommend this book, and suggest you go check out the website. Also, the author, Jesse James Freeman is delicious on twitter and Facebook so don’t miss out.

Click on the skull and go buy the book.

Have a great weekend! And may you always land your jumps.

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  1. Ellie as always great review. I wish next time you will choose a room with noisy kids for the video review. :)

  2. Great vlog Ellie and honest review! Sounds like a good book.
    I wish I still had the skateboard my dad made for me. It was a 2X4 with metal roller skate wheels attached to it! Can you imagine my parents sent their 5 year-old outside (we lived on a steep hill) to skateboard down the hill. No helmets back then. I still have the scar from that day!

  3. Nice lead into your book review! I also love the pictures. (Skater boys are cool.)

  4. Ellie Ann is a fantastic reviewer and I’ll always take honesty. I’m still jazzed that she chose Billy Purgatory to review. It’s so cool – who does that? Viking Bloggers that’s who.

  5. I can’t watch skateboard fails – too painful. Loved the video of Kilian Martin. So incredibly graceful.

    And your vlog was clean. Really made me go and check out Jesse. I may have to pick up that book, even though I’m not into vamps.

    • There’s a character that’s a vampire and there are vampires in there, but it’s not a vampire book – it’s kind of a everything and the skateboard sink kinda book. Many thanks for watching the vid and checking out!

  6. The book looks great, and I loved your vlog and all of the pics above!

  7. I’m with MJ ~ can’t watch the skateboard fails, it makes my mommy sensors go into overdrive. I did, however, love the Kilian video (I’m so using that name in a future book!). He’s pretty good at that skate parkour, skatekour? Being in SoCal, we have LOTS of skater boys and girls around here and I love watching what they can do with their boards. It’s a very intimate relationship. Loved your review vlog. Sounds like a fun book not only for me, but The Kid as well. Thanks!

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