You Know You’re A Toddler When . . .

You Know You’re A Toddler When . . .
– You resist daily naps.
– You can’t wait to brush your teeth.
– You brush your teeth with a fairy toothbrush and bubblegum toothpaste.
– At the supermarket you jump up and down as high as you can, giggling uncontrollably, and no one calls the cops.
– At the supermarket you jump up and down as high as you can, screaming uncontrollably, and no one calls the cops.
– You know how important snacks are. And you know that carrots can’t be considered a real snack.
– You judge the entire experience on the last two minutes.
– The coolest outfits have your favorite cartoon character on it. Bonus points if your panties and t-shirt have matching characters.

- The all-important question for a new friend is, “What’s your favorite color?” closely followed by, “What’s your favorite animal?”

- You use half the toilet paper roll in one wipe.

- Your greatest achievement in life is making it all the way across the monkey bars.

- People yell at you when you go near a street.

- Eating two cupcakes makes you act like you’re on crack.

- The toilet bowl is a sink your size. People freak out when you wash things in it.

- You’re never tired.

So let’s face it . . . are you a toddler?

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  1. I think my husband, who is currently wearing a Felix the Cat shirt, while he brushes his teeth with Spongebob toothpaste and spits into the toilet, is a toddler. To be fair, the bathroom sink is dismantled, but still. . .

    • EllieAnn

       /  July 7, 2012

      LoL! And we totally love ‘em for it, don’t we? =)

  2. So funny. I wish!
    I still like to jump up and down occasionally although not in the store and I sometimes look forward to brushing my teeth…

  3. I think the part about making a judgement on a new experience based on its end could apply to all of us, whether we want to admit it or not. Good post!

  4. Ha! Great post, Ellie Ann. I’m only part toddler—mainly in regards to sleeping habits, or lack there of. ;)

  5. Hey, Ellie Ann, great post. I’m all about the snacks!

  6. This is absolutely fantastic, and wowie, I do not miss these days! My kids are 8, 7 and 6 . . . but they all still get yelled at in the parking lot!

  7. I was pretty sure I was a toddler until the toilet bowl one.

  8. I am so far from being a toddler. hehe

    Wish I had half their energy.

  9. Great stuff. If you like the same toys, you are best friends. Until you want the piece he has. Then it is a battle to the death.

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