Tall Tale Tuesday: Color Me Wild

Well, here it is again folks. Storytime. Starring: You!

May I present the twelve winning commenters from last week:

#1: August, the most-wanted woman on Earth, actually hid in the Mars Curiosity and is currently building a space station. So far, she says the corn that grows on Mars tastes like potatoes, and potatoes taste like strawberries. Also, last week, her new pet Martian learned how to breath fire. That’s always nice, especially during the cold nights.

#2: Gigantor build a castle in India, and turned it into an orphanage. There are slides from floor to floor, pancakes for breakfast every morning, a roller coaster in the back, secret passageways, every pet you can think of, and an indoor swimming pool. Of course, the fact that Gigantor is nine years old has nothing to do with the practicality of his castle.

(photo by Sassystreak)

#3: K.B. Owen knits the sunsets every night. You’d think her favorite color would be light pink and orange, but it’s not so. She says it’s deep purple, but the deep purple sunset yarn is so expensive she can’t knit with it very often.

(photo by fangger)

#4: You haven’t heard of Susie the Periwinkle ninja? Of course you haven’t. But she’s standing right behind you.


Greetings, Lords and Ladies of Elfland.

The good news is, Tiffany the White of Blackbane just broke the sound barrier with a magic arrow. This will be useful for communication. The bad news is, she is heading for our realm and she doesn’t have peace on her mind. Luckily, she has a weakness for chocolate . . . especially chocolate carried by tall, mysterious, and handsome men. So ready your handsomest troops and start making lots of chocolate.


King and Queen Elf

“Please, Tiffany the White. Here’s some chocolate. Don’t kill us.”

“Fine,” Tiffany the White said, and took the chocolate.

#7: David painted a herd of endangered Black Rhinos red, and called them tomatoes. Suddenly, the poachers weren’t so intent on hunting them anymore. They knew no one in the black market were interested in buying tomatoes.

#8: Catherine has did write the and a new inclusive book on a or the grammar. Every thing chan’ged. You have to better catch up fast.

#9: MJ discovered gunpowder. Instantly aware of its destructive power, he lit a match to all his research, intent on destroying it. An unfortunate decision.

#10: Marilag is the world famous tattoo artist who was made famous for her amazing tattoos on the elderly. What?? Of course elderly want tats just as much as anyone else.

#11: Tameri tackled some lightning and rode it to the end of the rainbow. She found a pot of gold there, but then realized that there was much more money to be made in harnessing lightning than in harvesting gold.

#12: My Pen and Me speaks with animals and has since co-written five hundred books, translating for her animal friends. But . . . no one believes they were written by animals. It turns out animal thoughts are much different than we expected.

A special thanks to Alex, Howlin’ Mad Heather, and Eden for entering. May the odds be ever in your favor. Next time.

Please enter your social security #, credit card information, and date of birth below. And then you’ll be eligible to be entered into next Tall Tale Tuesday’s lottery!

Wait . . . what?! That’s not what I meant. I’d never ask that of you! At least, not this far into our friendship.

What I meant to say was, please comment with a number below, and you could win your own tall tale! Or, if you just comment, then you’ll get a totally random story with no number in it. Both good.

Hope your day goes swimmingly, fishies!

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  1. What a delightful video. Such fun. Thanks for the smiles.

  2. Hmm…do imaginary numbers count? If not, how about the square root of 79?

  3. #11 Lightening into gold oooh

  4. Is it weird that I’m more touched by that blurb about me than most Valentines I’ve received over the years? ;) Shows how perceptive you are, Ellie Ann, not to mention creative to BOOT. I just love these posts.

    I had a feeling K.B. had more hidden talents to add to her obvious ones. (Please tell me those sunset afghans are for sale???) I need to take some lessons from Susie, but I’m a bit scared to turn around and face her..

  5. I’m kind of glad I lit a match to my gunpowder formula. I just can’t imagine the “MJ Monaghan Peace Prize.” The Nobel Peace Prize has a better ring to it, don’t you think? Nobel took gunpowder and transformed it to dynamite, which as we know became a great 80′s word: “Dyno-Mite!”

  6. Hahaha! Such a talented group! Kb, I would love to know what kind of yarn you use….
    Thanks Ellie! You are so creative!

  7. Oh no, I just mastered pre-chan’ge grammar! Bugger.


  8. I think I’ve heard of Tiffany the White! One of the neighborhood kids dressed up as her for Halloween…

    Thanks for including me, Ellie! I always love your tales, whether I’m in them or not. How did you know I knit? And why is purple yarn so much more expensive? Cause it’s freakin’ awesome, that’s why! August, I’ll see what I can do about that afghan…thanks for the kind words! ;)

  9. You totally had me on the Catherine’s! I was like, what? Then kept reading and got it. I’m a bit slow today. Always love your stories, thanks for including me!


  10. That tattoed man is gross. These are amazing as ever! Thanks for including me, Ellie.

  11. I think if Orlando Bloom asked me to keep the peace, I’d seriously think about it. Chocolate or no chocolate. :)

    As always, fantastic post, Ellie! You are so creative!!

    My number is 16. Gotta love 16.

  12. Number? Let’s see . . . I could use my age, but you’d misinterpret it as a position for sex. Hmmm . . . Oh, I know – 3.14159. I love pi. Or is it pie?

  13. This has nothing to do with hobos.

  14. I thought you were going to make up lies about people who posted?

  15. Jason Darrick

     /  August 21, 2012

    Just discovered your blog (I know, I know), and I must say that I enjoy it. Kinda like being wrapped in licorice while eating Mike and Ike’s.

  16. No lies about tapioca, please.

  17. Fun post, Ellie!

  18. I love Tall-Tale Tuesdays. Even when I’m not in them!

    Okay well, it’s probably obvious, but my number has to be eleventeen bajillion. ;-)

  19. Oh! I love the lightning guy and the indigo sky. :-) Worried about the fire-breathing pet. If it blows the wrong way, I’ll be toast. :-) My number? 3.


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