Mad Monday: Armstrong and Snooki and Bears and News Salad

First off, let’s make some News Salad. Because we all know that everything’s related.

Recipe for News Salad:

At, pick five random news story. Whip them together. Serve on ice.

The Five Stories:

Report: Snooki of ‘Jersey Shore’ delivers baby boy

Grizzly Bear Kills Hiker

Airlines Can Say: You Can’t Wear That

NYPD: Empire State victims Hit By Police Gunfire

Neil Armstrong Dies at 82

The dish:

Airlines have the right to ask people to change clothes; they’re looking forward to the next time Snooki flies. NYPD also have the right to make people change clothes, only they used more violent means than the airlines. A grizzly is enraged at the coverage Snooki’s delivery received, and he takes it out on humanity. The bear is now is custody, pending investigation, as are the NYPD cops. Neil Armstrong, one of the last mature celebrities, dies, but his story is lost in the buzz about Snooki, one of the most gloriously childish celebrities.

Excuse me, miss . . . can you please NOT wear that?

When I was little, I wanted to me an astronaut. Like him:

Michael and I recently watched the documentary mini-series, Journey to the Moon. The amount of sheer hard work it took to get to the moon astounds me. They had computers that were about as powerful as modern calculators, and still pulled it off. They had pressure from the government and the public to arrive there before the Russians, and were the celebrities of the times, featured in Vanity Fair (why has Vanity Fair stopped featuring people who add to society in substantial ways?!) and hounded by paparazzi. The astronauts were stalwart, smart, adventurous, and dreamers. It took a lot of imagination to go to the moon.

Neil Armstrong is one of my role models (I like¬†’s cool, short article about him). He was a self-proclaimed nerd. He was quiet, and always smiling. He had a wonderful way with words. His interviews are humble, entertaining, and friendly. He’s the kind of guy I look up to, and want to live up to. Even though I probably won’t ever go to the moon (though I’m not ruling it out), I can still be kind and happy. And nerdy.

I think it’s great that he got to see the next giant leap for mankind: the Curiosity’s Mars landing. We’ve come so far in one generation. It’s awesome to think of where we could be next generation.

But I don’t want to just give one side of it. Everyone deserves a voice. Some people accuse the moon landing of being staged. ¬†Here in this photo of the moon landing, they clearly prove why the moon landing is a hoax!

Cya next time, chickadees. Always remember … don’t eat yellow snow. And don’t forget to clean behind your ears.

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  1. I’m a little disappointed. Maybe I was hoping Snooki was the hiker and bears mistake the spray tan for peanut butter :(

  2. Some more interrelationships: You gave advice on yellow snow: Frank Zappa had a song about that and he had a child named Moon Unit.

  3. It really did take lots of imagination to get to the moon, Ellie Ann. Well said thoughts on one of the world’s heros. I wonder how he’d feel about being whipped up in a dish with Snooky. Judging from the post, honored.

  4. They proved that the the moon landing happened on Mythbusters! :) Something about the angle of reflection. I don’t remember…
    Neil Armstong was one of the best! Snookie???? ……???…..? It still amazes me that I know about her at all.

  5. Don’t eat yellow snow. Got it. What about blue snow?

  6. It is so disturbing to me that people like Snooki have become “celebrities.” Thank goodness “Speidi” went away. They did go away, didn’t they? Please?


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