Friday Favorites: iPhone for Beginners

Some people just don’t got it.

You know . . . the adapt-at-technology, intuitively-unerstands-electronics talent? Yeah. Some people have it. They started programming at age 3. Some people don’t got it. Like, they have trouble sending emails.

You might know some people like that.

You might be someone like that.

However, that is NO reason to not buy an iPhone.


So many people are intimidated by the iPhone and all its capabilities.
This book is for them.
In a concise series of instructions, this book takes you through everything from setting up your iPhone and iTunes account, to finding a ringtone, to adding contacts, finding apps . . . and making calls. The language is easy to read. It’s as if someone was sitting next to you explaining everything.
There are Nerd Notes, which give you helpful tidbits into getting more out of the iPhone. Even though I’ve had an iPhone for 2 yrs, I learned new shortcuts and ways to use my phone.
I highly recommend this book to any beginner iPhone users.

Oh, and it’s written by my husband, Michael Soderstrom. Did I mention that? Yeah, it is. That means he’s a published author before me. Does he ever mention that? Yeah, he does. And for your information, I am dealing with my jealousy about the issue.

So . . . if you have someone in your life about to buy an iPhone who desperately needs step-by-step instructions, OR if your mom, dad, sister-in-law, friend, dog-groomer, dentist, or friend’s niece keep asking you questions about how to use their iPhone . . . make them buy this book.

Just click on the picture to check out the book.

And have you seen the new iPhone?! Holla! It’s incredible. My iPhone suddenly seems like a drunk third cousin who has no idea what’s going on.

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  1. I have a Droid. Dang! My husband plans to get the new Iphone so I will pass the info along to him!

  2. I’m with Susie. For $29.99 I got pretty much the same features as an iPhone.

    BTW, you need to put the beautiful photo you had on Facebook yesterday on this page. I have my photo on my website, and I don’t look anywhere near as good as you do.

  3. So this will help me figure out my new iPhone 5 which I just ordered? SOLD. Because I never really understood my 3GS.

    Slow. Learning. Curve.

  4. Ha! My phone must be your drunk cousin’s older, more haggard neighbor. I love how thin the iPhone 5 is. Still loving mine, like old jeans that feel great but look funky, and looking forward to an upgrade someday…

  5. Awesome! Congrats to your hubby. I love the iPhone (though I currently have an Android OS). I have been regularly embarrassed by my kids figuring out the technology before me though. LOL

  6. My new 5 is winging it’s way from Guangzhou as we speak… My daughter got a 4s and I can’t stand her having a better iPhone than I. This will be my 3rd one… but, I will buy your husband’s book, so he can afford to get you a new one… and to prove that this shameless product placement works.

    p.s. Suzie sent me…

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