Friday Favorites: These Are A Few of My Favorite Things

-Raindrops on roses

(the Road to Here)

-Whiskers on kittens

-Daniel O’Brien’s 4 Pieces of Relationship Advice Movies Need to Stop Giving*

Starting with:

#4. Not Being Able to Function Socially Makes Someone Attractive and Interesting

-Best Awkward Family Photo:

-Hans Zimmer’s Sherlock Holmes Music Video

Sometimes when I listen to music I forget how much work and joy goes into it, I forget that real live humans are creating the notes that I hear.

But then I watch this and I remember how much effort and beauty goes in to creating music.

Oh, and I heart Zimmer.

-Favorite movie I’ve seen recently:

-Favorite Book I’ve Read Recently:

Pish. Posh. Says Hieronymus Bosch.

by Nancy Willard.

“In this vale of tears we must take what we’re sent; Feathery, leathery, lovely, or bent.”

-Favorite Vintage Clothing Blog

(and she has an awesome Shabby Apple Giveaway going on!)

-Cool Organizations That Do Good:

Rapha House. Fighting Child Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation.

Reece’s Rainbow. Adoption Org for Down’s Syndrome and Handicapped Kids.

-Fantastic Blog Posts:

Aanna Greer’s fantastic series on Writing and Art.

Art Lesson: Unsympathetic “All hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty.”

Art Lesson: Matisse “Sometimes we view art with too much emotion. “

Art Lesson: Aiken “She makes what is known as art brut, “raw art”.

Tori Nelson gives funny and beautiful thoughts about her son’s second birthday. “Despite my best efforts to treat to you as a foreign exchange student, there was no denying the me-ness of you.”

Clay Morgan writes about one of his favorite shows, Psych, in:  “Gus, Don’t Be A…” You know I like random. And Clay Morgan’s post gives me a new way to lovingly insult my friends in a random manner. See what you can come up with.

Holmes’ interesting re-telling of the Flight of the Konkordski. When the Russian TU-144 jet exploded during the Paris Air Show, killing its crew and eight French citizens, was it an accident, or not?


So those are some of my favorite things from this week.

What are yours?

Mad Monday: The Sartorialist and the One Body Type

I like fashion. I’m not that great at it (bandanas are still fashionable to wear to every event, right? Or was it scarves, hm…), but I enjoy it. I love street fashion blogs and Project Runway. Watching a designer take two yards of polyester, seat belts, and corn husks and turn them into a red-carpet dress is nothing short of inspiring.

But fashion has also bored me of late. You see — it’s all the same! Not the clothes … those are amazingly diverse, it’s the models that are identical.

It’s not that I don’t like the body type. Flat tummy little boobs minuscule hips with loooong legs is gorgeous. But it’s only one body type. If you’re born with hips and boobs, you don’t have a place in fashion.

There’s actually a simple explanation of why designers only hire 6 foot tall girls with the body of a jr high boy — and it has to do with money, OF COURSE. You see, designer fabric is terribly expensive, and they want to buy the least amount of fabric that they can. So they make all their clothing a size 0. *yawn* I think that’s a dumb explanation, and awful close-minded of the designers, but it’s the truth.

It doesn’t take a lot to clothe me. Or to feed me, for that matter.

She was all the rage – her only problem was that when she turned sideways she disappeared.

I think Compassion International needs to sponsor this model.

Now a lot of people/organizations are speaking against such obviously undernourished models such as the ladies in the pictures above. London’s Fashion Week banned size zero models (American size zero, the equivalent of a British size four, fits a 22-inch waist – the average measurement of an eight-year-old girl.) I think this rule is a bit off, since there are healthy and fit girls that are naturally a size zero, but I like that London Fashion Week is trying the new policy of: “You can’t model this week if you look like you’re about to drop dead any minute.”
I see a lot of drop-dead gorgeous girls out there that are a size 6. Or a size 10. Or *gasp* a size 14!! I think something’s wrong with our fashion industry if you call this girl a plus size model:

Plus sized model Crystal Renn

She looks healthy and fit, and why the heck wouldn’t designers feature her in their “regular” line-up instead plus-sized line up? It seems crazy to me. There are thousands of amazing types of bodies, and an entire industry uses only one type. It’s like if all modern painters decided that canvas’ were the only way to go — and so every painter just painted on canvas and soon you couldn’t be a popular painter unless all you painted on was canvas.

The Sartorialist had always been one of my favorite-favorite street blogs. He captures some really great everyday moments and some incredible fashion on his blog. But recently, he’s been on my bad list. For this post:

This is what he says about the girl in the photo: “I loved that she’s a bigger, curvier girl than most of the other bloggers who you see in the press and tend to represent the genre.”

Honestly, I would describe that girl as thin. And honestly, I find it lame that he called “bigger, curvier girls,” (aka, 2/3 of all girls) a “genre.” Grrrrrr. Just give different body types a chance, okay artists? Just like the Reneissance painters of old, revel in the beauty of body, the beauty each girl holds. Like this:




Now aren’t those girls gorgeous? And they aren’t even a size 0!

But there is hope for the future, and some designers paint on more than one canvas. Although I’ve been turned off of the fashion industry of late, and tuned out of who’s who and what’s next in Milan and New York, I’ve found a place of fashion that gives me lots of hope for the future.

It’s a place where designers and vintage clothing sellers represent girls of all body types, and they don’t call a perfectly healthy girl “bigger and curvier.” So if you’re sick of seeing one body type in fashion, then go check out , (my favorite store is Adelaide’s Homesewn). Also, two street fashion blogs that I absolutely love for their open-mindedness and variety are: and So go check ‘em out.

What do you think about the one body type in fashion?


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