BSIG and How To Put On A Groovy Gaming Party

Remember my little stint for Slacker Heroes? Well when Slacker Heroes bit the dust, there was a gaping hole in my life. I wandered aimlessly around the cyberverse, writing blog-post length comments on movie reviews, and getting into bar room brawls on Facebook. Huh? You mean you haven’t been to the bar in Facebook? Hm. Maybe I just dreamed that…

Bar room brawls. Like this.

And then along came T.J. Brumfield and his new site, Blind Scribblings and Incoherent Grunts.

He was gracious enough to offer me a position as a staff writer. And I’ve not been in a fist fight since!

My first post was about unbelievability in movies: I Don’t Believe It! It’s about what makes movies lose their credibility.

My second post was a review on Billy Purgatory: I Am the Devil Bird by Jesse James Freeman.

And my third is a vlog about How To Put On A Groovy Gaming Party. Tip One: Don’t be above bribing your internet provider for a flawless experience. Tip Two: Don’t sell the host’s wifi password to the neighbors…

So I hope you check out all the great articles there, and hang out at the forums. This is going to be the start of a fantastic adventure, I can feel it.

Oh, and speaking of fantastic adventures . . . I finished the first draft to my book! The Silver Sickle is DONE. I printed it off and now I’m doing a read through and edit before sending it off to my beta readers. *slashes red pen like broadswords* die, grammar errors, DIE!

Me, on a grammar error killing rampage *red ink splatters on screen*


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