Friday Favorites: Blogging Rockstars

The Post About Rockstar Bloggers

Kinda like this. Except bloggers.

It’s the season of Academy Awards. You know, that time when celebrities give each other awards and tell each other how hot they are. “No, Bradjolina YOU are hottest.” “No, no, ReynoLively, YOU are what’s sizzling’.” “Hey, hey, look over here! We’re Mendosling. So much hotness in a couple hasn’t even been recorded yet.”

You know what else that means. It’s going to be a nightmare trying to get a hold of a fashion designer. You know what else this means? There’s nothing good in the theater because they were all trying to get on screen before the Awards season. I guess next date night we’ll be staying home and watching The Princess Bride. Again.

So I’ve decided it’s awards season around these parts, too. Blogging awards season. Where we award each other with blogging awards and roll out the figurative red carpet from one blog to the other. I’ve been awarded the Kreativ Blogger (Creative use of the letter K, isn’t it?) Award by Gene Lempp and Tiffany A. White, and the Versatile Blogger Award by Jess Witkins.

In return, I award Gene Lempp The Coolest Myths and Legends Site On The Web Award, with a side award of The Link King. Here’s his crown:

Those are real jewels, Gene. Wear this with pride.

Gene not only writes seriously cool articles on archeology, myths, and legends in his series called Designing from Bones, but he also writes mash-ups the size of my forearm with tons of links and good articles. Oh, and did I also mention he is awesome at pimping blogs on twitter? Oh, and did I also mention he’s a biker? Oh, and did I also mention he has a killer voice? Oh, and did I also mention he can beat a cheetah in a unicycle race? Okay, so I may have stretched that last fact. But this guy is gold. Just like his crown.

And then there’s Tiffany A. White. The A stands for Awesome. She’s the only person I’ve met online and then went on a date with. And that date went so well we’ve been on several dates since. Coffee dates. Ahem. Coffee. At a bookstore. Not romantic, at all. But I do love her. She’s a seriously great chick with loads of talent and charm. Plus, she blogs about television and movies and keeps me up to date on the TV world. Which is why I’m awarding her the Sweetest Television Review Blog Award in the form of a candy remote:

Last but not least there’s Jess Witkins. She awarded me the Versatile Blogger award. Which is I think her way of saying “You post about random and weird stuff did you take you medicine?” My answer to Jess is: “Yes, I did take my medicine (aka, I eat Skittles one at a time as I drink a glass of water).”

Now if you’re on her site for more than five minutes without a smile of mirth on your face I’ll label you a psychopath. And if you’re a psychopath you have no business on her blog because she’s pure and good clean fun. She blogs on anything from book reviews to Crafts for Poor People to wanting to hibernate all winter long. Plus she has like a bajillion subscribers. I don’t know why I added that but it seemed important.

Ah yes! It’s important because…if all those people subscribed and are staying subscribed (important) then you know she’s freakin’ fantastic.

That’s why I’ve awarded her this Mother Duck Award. Because she is one to follow.

However, another LAW (like the 10 commandments, dawg) that you have to do at these blogging award shows is give 7 facts about yourself that you don’t think anyone will know. Like that time you licked the steering wheel because you dropped some of your yogurt there (that was a completely random example)

That law leads me to question it of course. Why 7? Why?!

I think it’s because (biblically speaking,) 7 is the number of completion. And if readers read 7 facts about you they’ll feel they know you completely. Which is a scary thought. Which is why I’ll only include 6.

1.) I’ve only kissed one man in my whole life and he is my husband. Before December 29, 2006 I was the most virginest virgin you’ve ever met. Ever.

2.) My mom taught us the lost art of Memorization. You know, that thing where you keep chunks of text in your head instead of in your e-reader. I know all my favorite poems by heart, and not a few chapters of the Bible. Which leads me to:

3.) I went to a Bible College. And studied the Bible for a year. That means I can exegete the crap out of 2 Corinthians. It also means I know where 2 Corinthians is.

4.) I’m terrified of alligators and crocodiles. I like snakes. Spiders you can squish underfoot. Mice you can catch. Rats you can strike with a saber. But alligators and crocodiles? *shudder* They’re the doom of men.

5.) When I was in 8th grade basketball, playing my heart out, I stole the ball, dribbled all the way to the other end of the court, shot and made a lay up . . . to the yelling and screams of my teammates. Why were they so excited? I had shot it in the wrong hoop–two points for the opposing team. After the game, in the middle of quite extensive ribbing from my team mates my coach said wryly, “Yeah but it was a good lay up.”

6.) My family likes traveling the globe. Before I was 19 I’d traveled to Thailand, Italy, Japan, & Taiwan . . . and both American coasts. Oh, and Texas. Which some people consider its own country.

OK, now that’s all over with and you think you know a little bit about me but you don’t have a complete idea … we come to the second LAW (like Newton’s, baby) of blogger awards.

You write down a blogroll of all your favorites. Now, besides all my favorites on the sidebar, I have a ton of other ones I like. Get out your pad and pen, dudes and dames, because they’ll be comin’ fast!


- Paul Johnson’s The Good Greatsby


- Dina Santorelli MAKING BABY GRAND


- Leanne Shirtliffe is IRONIC MOM

- Adelaide’s Homesewn FASHION BLOG


- Liz Hellebuyck THAT’S WHAT LIZ SAID


- Marilag Lubag’s BLOG

- Jen Kirchner’s BLOG




- Kristen Lamb’s WARRIOR WRITERS

- David Walker’s WHERE THE HEART IS



- Thoughts Appear

- August McLaughlin’s blog SAVOR THE STORM

Oh my gosh. Once I got started I couldn’t stop. Seriously. That was like the infinity blogroll.  There are a lot of good blogs up there. There are a lot of good blogs to read. No wonder books are in danger. Too many good bloggers out there. Stop! Protect the books by stop blogging so well!! I mean it!

Have any good blogs to recommend? (Namely, yours?)

Were there any Blogging Award LAWS that I missed? (I hope not!)


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