10 reasons why you should read Fables: Animal Farm


1.) The illustrations are phenomenal. You can enjoy them as art on their own, besides what they add to the story.

2.) I’ve done several studies on Animal Farm by Orwell, and this is a wonderful companion to the classic book. I was somewhat disappointed in Fable’s lack of development over WHY the animals revolted (there was only one line regarding it), but I can understand it because comics just don’t have the word count to justify a long backstory.

3.) Talking animals.


4.) It’s more than just a story about talking animals. I loved the smart way in which they handled Snow White and Rose Red’s relationship. These sisters had to overcome the past, and it was always on the fence whether they would move on or not. This relationship made the story less preachy (which Animal Farm always ends up being), and more poignant.

5.) Snow White refuses to accept what’s happening until she’s bowled over by it. This is a brave and marvelous decision on the writer’s part, it made everything so real.

6.) Rose Red gets significant character development in this story. Her arc is very well written! She also finds her place in the world, which gives the story a satisfying conclusion.

7.) The comic doesn’t shy away from the hard questions, and it doesn’t give easy answers. It makes the characters face their bad decisions, makes them face the consequences. No one is left unchanged.

8.) There are two stand-out side characters: Reynard the Fox (good) and Goldilocks (bad). They steal every scene they’re in. Reynard is especially funny and witty.

9.) There’s a scene at Old Mother Hubbard’s house you’ll never forget.

10.)  The pacing is so well done, the pages fly by. I read it in one sitting, and instantly wished I had bought Fables #3. Time for another trip to the comic store!

Here my little video review of the comic:

Tall Tale Tuesday: Red is the color of the…

Gene Lempp sailed around the world in a purple sailboat seven times. I’m not sure whether that means he’s a master sailor or a really bad navigator.

Fred Jinkins

Elizabeth created a mosaic of Edward Norton’s face in her front hallway. He’s has on a wide smile and a silver polka dot bow tie.

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Skinner is the legendary predator wrestler. He tackles anything from alligators to king cobras, just for the sport of it!
And he’s won every wrestling tournament (special note: he always abides by the animal kingdom’s wrestling regulations) Whether his power comes from his diet of watercress salad/fudge brownies or his crimson eyes … we’ll never know.

Once upon a time when Eden Baylee was six yrs old her evil stepmother took her on a horse ride through the woods. Knowing her stepmother’s black and jealous heart, she picked a white daisy and scattered its seeds as she rode. Just as she anticipated, her stepmother pushed her off the horse and abandoned her alone in the middle of the dark woods. Luckily, she found the well-dressed, silent, bearded bowlers who had hosted Rip Van Winkle so many years ago. She ordered a drought of month-long forgetfulness, and the next thing she knew she awoke and followed a trail of white daisies back home.

Susie Lindau can control lightning–as long as she’s wearing a periwinkle blue Ascot.

One year the American tooth fairy was fired due to mental instability. Sonia G Medeiros petitioned Oberon for the job, which he quickly granted her, and gave her the copper teleportation ring allotted to all tooth fairies. I wonder what she does with all the teeth she collects.

Tiffany A White won double dutch tourneys three years running in the Bronx. She’s got moves you’ve never seen . . . and an outfit to match. Who knew a red rodeo clown suit would be an appropriate jump roping outfit?

David N Walker, the famous geneticist, combined the genes of a lizard and a kangaroo … creating the lizardoo. As you would expect, they are very useful delivering information and lizardoos have completely replaced mail people in Australia.

Stephanie Fuller the Feisty Cerulean Knight captured the bridge over the Bottomless Pit, and challenged every knight who wanted to cross it to a duel (she gives rock candy to every woman and child that pass). After she won the duel (which she invariably would) she’d cut off a lock of their hair, which she stuffed into pillows and sold to the King.

After Renee A. Schuls-Jacobson became Empress of The Earth, Moon, Planets, Including all Habitations Earth Might Discover (try to say that title in one breath), she had every SINGLE fuchsia object destroyed. She said it “messed with her chi.”

The Colors were racing to the aurora borealis. First one there got to be top of the rainbow. Last one there, bottom of the rainbow. Indigo, the most arrogant of all Colors, was the favored winner. However, he was so arrogant he thought he could get there without directions. When things got tricky he stopped and demanded KB Owen give him directions. KB Owen, not liking the tone he took with her, gave him directions that took him the long way around Canada, and THAT, my friends, is why Indigo is last on the rainbow (and why speaking politely to strangers is always a good idea.)

Larry Hehn doesn’t trust cell phones. He says the government uses them to read your minds. So instead of an iPhone, Blackberry, Droid, or whatever phone the government is using to read your mind with, Larry uses Macaws. Green Macaws. So if you see one of those magnificent birds flying through the city, it’s probably one of Larry’s.

Lynn Kelley invented a household robot that she called Mr. P Green. Mr. P Green does dishes, sweeps floors, dusts furniture, and most importantly … writes thank you notes.

Emilie G. plays lead guitar in an underwater band. So if you are a lover of weird yet phenomenal music, and have 3k $ to blow on a ticket to one of her concerts, you should definitely book a ticket to Necker Island and see her band, The Corals.

Jess Witkins broke the world’s land speed record for riding-on-a-football-player’s-shoulders-while-wearing-an-auburn-wig.

If you knew Eden Rebekah, you’d want to warn her against wearing her blood-red hood. You’d want to warn her against wearing her blood-red hood and walking through a deep dark wood. You’d want to warn her against wearing her blood-red hood and walking through a deep dark wood and carrying a hot delicious pot pie. You’d want to warn her there are wolves out and about. If only you knew Eden Rebekah.

Now that was good clean fun! Much better than those boring turtle races and bell ringing bands you find on TV nowadays.

So sign up for your own! Just drop a line in the comments below with a MOVIE TITLE and in two weeks time you’ll star in your very own taaallll tale.

Tall Tale Tuesday: This Will Date You…

When Gene Lempp watched the ships take off from San Sebastián de la Gomera, he knew what havoc they would wreck in the next native population they “colonized,” so he turned all their ships into great, sea-faring butterflies. But where did the ships come from that landed on the Bahamas on October 12, 1492? Who knows.

(painting by Angel Villaneuva)

On April 24,1884 a star (whom the astronomers called A.M.S.) exploded, and its death sent shocks waves and radiation throughout the universe. A little piece of stardust travelled all the way to earth, and landed itself on a little baby girl’s tongue. The baby grew up to be a very special friend to the stars.

Larry Enright was elected general of the post apocalyptic northern states, his first order of business was to round up every instrument that still existed and put together a band. He said, “without music, the soul of my soldiers will die.”

Every August 25th, since 1985, at precisely 6:04 AM, Renee Shuls-Jacobson takes a bath in honey, marmoset milk, and crushed and powdered orchid petals. We’re still not sure if that’s what gives her such beautiful skin, or if it’s the one thing that keeps her reptilian alien enemies away?

The last time Tori Nelson and The Doctor went to the zoo, an ape with green eyes signed to her: “October 31, 1970.” They jumped into the tardis and stopped Will Rodman from creating the virus that would destroy humanity. Then they travelled back to the zoo, bought the ape that saved humanity, and set him free, (and then rigged the Oscars so that Andy Serkis could win Best Actor.) It was a busy day for them.

Remember the hype about the apocalypse coming in 2012? Yeah, you have Eden Baylee to blame for that. Never heard of Eden Baylee? She’s the one that lives in a fortress built into the Amalfi Coast, plans media frenzies over apocalypses, and carves out crop circles in her spare time.

Susie Lindau found the following photo in her desk, with a date on the back: Jan. 1, 2032. It’s a perfect likeness of her daughter, but she has no idea where it came from. So she can only assume that her daughter will one day be a time-travelling galaxy-travelling bounty hunter. Which is why she pulled her out of space camp this year.

On April 14, 1995, Stacy Green had a picnic in a field of wildflowers, and when she saw a black-eyed susan’s upturned face she sprinkled some of her Sunny Delight on its leaves. To her surprise, they sang her happy birthday in flowerspeak and she goes back every year on her birthday to try to learn more of their language, but they’ve never spoken again.

Tiffany A. White, the famous CSI detective, was called to a homicide crime scene in which it looked like the only plausible explanation was that the dog had shot its owner and then shot itself. Using evidence from archived files dating back to February 16, 1998, she proved that this was another case of an abusive dog owner that just went too far.

Emilie G., the famous historian and sociologist and psychologist and archeologist, was the first to discover that Jesus Christ was not actually born around Jan 1, 1AD, he was born around 4-6 B.C. It has not been concluded if the Freemasons, the Illuminati, or the Hermetic Order of The Golden Dawn have something to do with the mix-up, but Emilie G. is currently under witness protection.

It was K.B. Owen who invented the 3-D virtual reality video game console that every school girl and boy were given the Christmas of 2525. The graphics were so good that children soon forgot to eat, sleep, walk, pee, and breath. By New Years Eve, there was a ban on all of KB Owen’s products for being “too incredibly lifelike.”

Lynn Kelley beat the world record for biggest squash ever carved into an upright bass, beating the previous record that had been held since March 17, 1920.

David N. Walker is an arachnologist who trains his spiders to survive the rigors of space travel. I’m not sure if it’s because he wants to rid our planet of them or not.

Piper Bayard, the famous thespian, is responsible for sharing the wonders of Star Wars to a man eating tribe in the southern seas. Through the power of her tales, they soon changed their ways …and put together an incredible one act play for her based on the characters she told them about…

Prophecies tell of two girls born on two continents on August 12, 1997, one girl full of pure grace and the other full of pure truth. Yet they would understand each other and become best friends. Eden Rebekah, one of the girls of the prophecy, still has not met her match.

February 3. 1959. It started out like any other day. That is, until the DINOSAURS BURST OUT OF THEIR UNDERWATER CAVES AND ATTACKED THE WORLD! Historians say that if JRD Skinner hadn’t banded with the creatures, humanity would’ve had a chance. But he did, and became ruler of San Francisco in the age of dino utopia.

That was fun! Do you want to star in your own tall tale? Just comment below. I hope you do. Yes, you! You there in the back. I hope you comment.

If you want a tall tale written about you in two weeks time, just leave a comment below with a random character’s name.

Tall Tale Tuesday: The Numbers

Howdy sirs and ma’ams. So great of you to show up for this trek into the land of my imagination, where I put you in any type of landscape or fable I so desire. Forgive me an evil laugh *mwa-hahaha!* Last week everyone who commented picked a number, and I took that number, and used it in a tall tale. So gather round and listen to the tales:

42 the number of times Derek Hawkins has hacked into the federal reserve’s computer and changed the print so that every $5 bill had Abe Lincoln with a handlebar mustache and hat.

43 the number of times Gene Lempp, the greatest federal reserve employee to ever live, caught Derek Hawkins hacking into the federal reserve’s computer and then painted a handlebar mustache and a cyclops eye on him with permanent marker.

69 the number of cars Renee Shuls-Jacobson jumped over in her monster truck.

82 the number of days it took Anne-Mhairi Simpson to track down a mother bear who’d left her berry picking basket on Anne-Mhairi’s front porch. The mother bear was so grateful she gave Anne-Mhairi a handful of the sweetest blueberries she’d ever tasted, or probably ever will taste.

298,777 the number of seashells it took Aanna to make into a boat to get her off the deserted island she’d crashed her hang glider into.

8 the number of years it took Eden Baylee to create the spider that bit spider man. (5 is the number of minutes it took for her to regret ever making the spider once she saw what a whiny lad Peter Parker was.)

11 number countries Kathy Owen has visited by hanging onto the wings of a bi-plane. She claims it’s more comfortable than riding coach in an airliner.

100 the number of shoes JRD Skinner has stolen from different monarchs around the world. But he’s not greedy, he only steals the left one.

9 the number of traffic violations Liz McLennan got while trying to teach her blind neighbor how to drive. You’d think the police should be more understanding of someone trying to do a good deed!

16 the number of times Tiffany A White has been mistaken for Marilyn Monroe. “You have her eyes and her demeanor,” they all tell her, which is why she always refuses to take Nembutal.

Infinity the symbol Lynn Kelley found on some alien technology she discovered in the desert of Tanzania. She hopes it signifies the number of days it will be before the alien’s return.

888 the number of motorcycles Jesse had to buy before he found the one that was just right for him. “Motorcycles are like wands,” he said, “The master doesn’t choose the motorcycles, rather the motorcycle chooses the master.”

13 the age of Billie Joe Woods when she received her first Nobel Peace Prize for discovering the way to end tribal warfare. I didn’t get through her whole thesis, but I know that it involves jumping rope and garlic pretzels.

square root of pi X the number of molecules in an average cat whisker is what Sonia G. Medeiros said was her favorite number during her TIME interview, which made her an instant celebrity to the molecular physicist and cat lovers.

101 the number of times Emilie G had to repeat the words “nuclear” to a certain president before he started saying it right.

99 the number of baths Annie, the ultra-famous skunk photographer, must take after one of her expeditions.

That was great fun! Let’s do it again!

Head and shoulders knees and toes! Leave a body part (keep it PG, sirs and ma’ams) in the comments below and you’ll win your very own tall tale in two weeks time (will be posting tall tales every other week from now on).

Have a good day! Stay reals.


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