Which Avenger Are You?

Which Avenger Are You Quiz

At a party, you:

a.)   Drink your fill of ale and parade your hammer around the room.

b.)  Listen inconspicuously in the corner. By the end of the night, you know the secrets and back story of everyone in the room.

c.)   Get drunk and try to draw STARK with permanent marker on everyone’s forehead.

d.)  Hang around playing darts. You also never miss a shot.

e.)   You don’t party, they’re too stressful.

f.)    You dance with the ladies, seducing them with your gallantry and old-fashioned romance.

In regards to dating:

a.)   You’ll date girls who think you’re as awesome as you think you are.

b.)  You don’t date. Bad things happen to people you date.

c.)   All 13 MAXIM cover models, please.

d.)  Picky. There’s one . . . but bad things might happen to you if you pursue it.

e.)   You don’t date. It’s too stressful.

f.)    Girls. Any girls. But preferably soldier girls.

Your strength:

a.)   Loyalty

b.)  Reading people

c.)   Seeing the big picture

d.)  True aim, no matter the target

e.)   Humility

f.)    Nobility

If you want to relax, you:

a.) Take a trip on the rainbow bridge.

b.) Who has free time? There are missions, only missions.

c.) Reads Extraction Theory papers.

d.) Teaches the Olympics Archery Team a few tricks.

e.) Helps people.

f.) Works out.

In regards to authority:

a.)   I AM the authority.

b.)  I obey orders, but develop a plan b. and a plan c.

c.)   Would make a good leader, if not for a few narcisstic personality traits. Authority is to be used for my own benefit.

d.)  I aim to please.

e.)   Authority and I don’t get along well together.

f.)    Yessir, right away sir. Unless someone I respect tells me to discover the reasoning behind an order, I obey it no matter what.

In the heat of battle:

a.)   It gets lightning hot.

b.)  I use other’s weakness against them, and manipulate settings to my own advantage.

c.)   I have the smarts and technology to plan ahead and finish the job. Also missiles. Lots of missiles.

d.)  It’s incredible how much damage one strategic shot will cause.

e.)   SMASH.

f.)    Good at holding a defensive line, human relations, and am very quick.


Mostly A’s: Thor

Mostly B’s: Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow)

Mostly C’s: Tony Stark (Ironman)

Mostly D’s: Clint Barton (Hawkeye)

Mostly E’s: Bruce Banner (Hulk)

Mostly F’s: Steve Rogers (Captain America)

Which Avenger Are You?


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