Worldly Wednesday: No Electricity

The distribution of production is not uniform – Benin and Togo only produce 10 and 11 kilowatt hours per person per year, respectively. Norway and Iceland produce almost 3000 times more per person per year. –

1.6 billion people live without electricity.

Let me repeat that.

1.6 BILLION people live without electricity. That’s a quarter of humanity. (according to these poverty stats)

Although I know that there are some unhealthy and unhappy side effects to not having electricity, I’m not just going to say, “Oh poor souls, no electrical outlets,” and be done with it. No, sirs and ma’ams, think of all the good things that could happen if you didn’t have electricity.

There’s Nothing On TV

Instead of looking at your spouse, complain that there’s nothing on TV, then keep on flipping through the channels for another three hours, you would actually do something else because there’s literally nothing on TV. No electricity means you must make your own entertainment.

Like make jewelry:

Or hunt vampires:

Or build a bridge:

Or learn to play the recorder:

Or meditate:

Or learn to speak parrot:

Or write. Or read. Then read another book. Then read two books at the same time:

Photograph: Collection of Robert and Gayle Greenhill

Another awesome thing about no electricity:


No more frozen dinners. No more soggy microwave dishes. It’s grilling time, baby!

Grilled steak. Grilled ribs. Grilled corn on the cob. Grilled jalapenos. Grilled mangos. Grilled duck. Grilled pineapple. *is your mouth watering yet?* Grilled onions/garlic/zuchini/marinated lamb on a kabob!! Everything cooked over an open fire! Yummers!

You know how you never liked hot dogs until that one day you went camping and roasted one yourself over the open flame? Yeah, without electricity you’d get to eat like that every day.

Without the aid of a stove/oven/microwave, you’d cook everything over the flames of an open fire or wood burning stove. And in my humble opinion, that’s good eatin’.

No Alarm Clocks

Your body would learn to listen to the rhythms of the earth, you’d learn to sing with all the voices of the mountains, and paint with all the colors of the wiiiiiind!

Oh, or … maybe I’m getting away from myself.

There’d be no staying up late tweeting or Facebooking or playing video games or watching re-runs of MASH. ¬†When you felt tired, you’d go to bed. Or more accurately, whenever it got dark and you ran out of candles you’d go to bed. There’s something I find very refreshing about listening to your body in that way. And candles are kind of romantic. Which leads me to my next reason:

There’d Be More Babies

No explanation necessary

Those are some of the reasons I think having no electricity isn’t something we should pity.

Now sirs and ma’ams, I invite you to mosey on over to Jason C McIntyre’s blog The Furthest Reaches for he has an interview with me! He’s the excellent author of Thalo Blue and On The Gathering Storm and he’s an all-around super great guy! It was so nice of him to invite me to his blog to hang out. Well, invite might be stretching the word a bit, I only had to beg him for the past 60 days for this interview, promise to bake him a cherry pie, and pay him $500, but I feel like it was worth it. So … go check out the interview with yours truly (that’s me).

What would you do without any electricity?


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