Tall Tale Tuesday: Mother Nature

Twelve Tall Tales for Your Viewing Pleasure.

The Tall Tale Lottery Winner Heroes this Week are:


Renee thought she was the only living thing that survived the solar apocalypse. But she was wrong. Giant cockroaches sprang from the ashes. At first she ran and hid from them, occasionally killing them and making armor from their carapace. But soon she learned they could be tamed through gentleness, patience, and Twinkies. She rode on one all the way to Southern California, where she found a human population. Her story was drawn on the walls of the cave dwellers there.

Cave painting created by a cave man. No permission granted as I couldn’t find any cave men to ask.


Lancelot, the water-bender, was orphaned at 3 yrs old and raised by a dolphin and a coven of fisherwomen. The day he turned twelve he started traveling, traveling ever down the country like flowing water until he reached the bottom–a land of fire, where he did his best to put out any raging fires he saw there.


Eden Baylee writes butterfly love stories. She produces and directs ladybug horror films. She draws modern interpretation of the dung beetle’s struggle for basic rights. And she composes symphonies of moth lullabies.


K.B. Owen and her sidekick, Sebastian the Sea Otter, are intergalactic space rangers. Five years ago they were accused of derailing a federal train in Okswana #7 Red, and stealing a computer that held Intergalactic Peace Keeper’s secrets. No one knows where she and her otter friend are, and everyone wonders when and how the Peace Keeper’s secrets will be revealed.


David N. Walker helped stop the war between Dolphins and Killer Whales, and effectively ended the genocide of little moon jellyfish by the big man-o-wars. King Poseidon erected a monument honoring him in his palace, and every dolphin baby is either named David or N. or Walker.


August is so rich she could buy her own terraformed world, complete with justice system, robot work hands, and tropical island paradise. Oh wait, she already has that. I wonder what she’s going to buy next…


Tameri won the Nobel Peace Prize for her work in backyards. She’s the one that ensured that every kid in the US had a backyard to play in with at least one tree to climb. Her efforts effectively ended childhood obesity/heart disease and ensured the continuation of the Green Movement.


Howlin’ Mad Heather freed all the fairy slaves that were forced to live in the Aurora Borealis and make Skittles.


Tiffany A. White was the first person to create a rabbit habitat. It’s the coziest, prettiest, and most peaceful place you’ll ever see. Except if you’re a coyote. Then you’ll see the side of Tiffany that closely resembles a mother bear.


Lynn Kelley loved the feeling of walking over spongy forest leaves so much she created a carpet that mimics the effect. Everyone loves it–except you have to rake it every morning.


Have you heard of Blaze Farrar’s delivery service? It’s the height of convenience with the promise of privacy. Just give Blaze Farrar’s Delivery Service a call, they’ll send a raven or blue jay to your doorstep, you’ll tie your letter or parcel to their back or foot, tip them with a bite of bread, then they’ll deliver it for you right quick. And you KNOW the letter and parcels will stay secret, as ravens and blue jays don’t know how to read.


Jess slides down the necks of apatosaurus’, lassoes bucking T-Rexes, plays hide and seek with raptors, and flies on the backs of pterodactyl. Quite impressive, especially considering she does it while wearing a strapless dress and five inch heels.


 I also want to thank Marcia and Marilag and Ingrid for entering.

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