Mad Monday: Rape and Murder and the Life Sentence

Well, I can’t talk about raspberry lollipops and dinotopia and my favorite styles in history (early 19th century) all day. Most of the day, but not all day.

I watched this disturbing and very interesting show called Deadly Women (it’s about deadly women) and I heard a story that was like a punch to the gut.

Remember when Fred and Rosemary West were convicted of the kidnapping, torture, and rape of 10 young ladies in their home at Gloucester?

Fred & Rosemary West

Well, they had been convicted of sexual assault and battery in 1973. They’d picked up their first victim, a hitchhiker, off the street and taken her to their home. After putting her through hell, they released her. She was one of their first victims. She went straight to the police. The couple tried to convince the jury that it was consensual. Even though they were found guilty, the couple were simply fined.

In 1992, they were investigated for raping their own daughter and that’s when the police discovered they’d killed at least 10 girls since 1973.

I can’t stop thinking about the lives saved if they’d been put behind bars for their first offense of rape and torture. Maybe none of this would have happened. Of course, you know what they say about hindsight (the lead dog is the only one whose view always changes) but still. Fining someone for raping someone else?

When you embezzle funds from a boarder, you can give back the money. If you spray paint someone’s house with bright orange unicycles, you can paint over it. If you steal a person’s company from them, you can just give it back.

But if you murder, you can’t replace what you’ve taken away.

And if you rape a girl or boy or man or woman, you can’t give back what you’ve stolen from them.

Right now the Department of Justice says the average jail sentence for criminals convicted of rape (and let me tell you, it’s not easy to prove that rape sentence, either), is 6 yrs. I think this happens because jail is not a punishment, it is rehabilitation. That’s the philosophy in our country. If you considered jail a punishment, perhaps rapist would be behind bars for longer? But people can be rehabilitated in 6 yrs, (especially charming and manipulative sociopaths) so then rapist can be freed because they’re sorry and they’ll never do it again. But rape shows such an utter disregard for life. If you’re capable of rape, of forcing yourself on someone without their consent, I don’t know . . . shouldn’t that be punished? Possibly with a life sentence?

I haven’t heard of a country in the world that gives life in prison to rapist (though in some villages you’re executed for raping a child or a wife). If a man is raped, it’s a different story and many times the rapist will be executed (specifically in Muslim or Christian cultures). But if a woman is raped? The punishment is not so severe.

Why not? Something has been stolen from that girl or woman that will never be replaced. I’d think rapist should be punished for that. They should be kept away from any women for a long, long, long, long, long time.

Wow. That was grim. Tune in next time to hear all about cancer and death. No, just kidding. Time to look at some pictures of bears hugs or something.


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