Worldly Wednesday: Tats

‘Tis Wednesday, when I serve up some words with international flavor, or anything that has to do with the world. Like globes. Or chins. Most people in the world have chins.


I recently watched an interesting National Geographic show on this thing called a TV. The show was called Taboo: Tattoo. Ha. Funny title, huh? NEways, it was 45 minutes of one cool tat after the other.

Did you know there are tattoo competitions? Did you know that if you see a certain tattoo on a man’s hand in Malaysia–it means he’s chopped off someone’s head? Did you know a Maasai toddler’s rite of passage is cutting designs into his face? I find it all fascinating. SO, take a trip with me around the world and we’ll see how different tats can represent culture. Can you guess where each person came from?








H.) (Photo by Sven Rudolph Jan)


Did you get them all?


A.) Hawaiin/Polynesian

B.) Irish

C.) Indian or North African

D.) Russian

E.) Maasai people of Kenya/North Tanzania


G.) Head hunter from Malaysia

H.) Papua New Guinea

I.) Japanese

Tell me:

Do you think a tattoo says something about a culture . . . or sub-culture? Have you seen any cool tattoos lately?


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