Friday Favorites and a bunch of twittering!

I can’t believe it, but I now have 4,000 followers on twitter.

I have to say that I owe so much of what I’ve learned as a writer to twitter. Through building relationships with writers, bloggers, readers, & strange strangers I’ve learned more about what people like to read and don’t like to read than if I’d attended a writer’s conference every weekend.

Seriously, there’s a lot of gold that can be mined on twitter.

Some random thoughts about twitter:

- I’ve met almost every person I’ve interviewed for this blog on twitter. Geoff DesMoulin ( @geoffdesmoulin ) Dr Dorian (@drdorian ) Cody Bess ( @codybess ) Jason Arnopp ( @jasonarnopp ) Ryne Douglas Pearson ( @rynedp ) Larry Enright ( @larryenright ) Neil Brown Jr ( @1neilbrownjr ) Joe M Monks ( @josephmonks) Jody Hedlund ( @jodyhedlund ) are all people I’ve met through twitter. These are people I’d never cross paths with in real life, but walla! In twitter land we walk through the same park every day.

- A bunch of people unfollow me every week. Probably around 30-40. Most of them are bots, but sometimes not. I usually unfollow them back, unless I recognize their avi and remember that I liked their tweets … then I’ll follow them no matter if they’re following me back because heck … they are interesting! Twitter isn’t a game, you don’t get points or gold stars the more people that follow you (at least not that I’m aware of). It’s to listen and learn and connect.

- I never RT or recommend anything or anyone that I don’t believe in, or haven’t read. Why would I tell someone else to like someone that I don’t know if I like or not? Why would I recommend they read a book that I have no clue about? I want to be trusted.

- Listen. Just listen. Twitter is like people watching x 10 because you can read their thoughts and actions. I follow a wide range of people with a wide range of beliefs and lifestyles and speech and interests. Be nasty or sickly sweet; be tough or weak; be vulgar or prim; use curses every other word or make fun of people who use curses every other word; be funny or attempt to be funny. I love it all. If you listen to people you’ll LEARN a lot about people. Which is what I want to do.

- Sometimes people’s agendas on twitter clash. One person uses it to chronicle their web-browsing, another uses it to chronicle their bowel movements, another uses it to chat with their girlfriend … don’t get upset if someone tweets every other second. Unfollow them or stick them in a different list or whatever, just know that twitter is used for a lot of different reasons than what you’re using it for. If your purposes clash, don’t get mad . . . just move on. It’s a big world.

- Use lists. For everyone. Or else you’ll be overwhelmed in two seconds if you have more than 100 follows.

- Unless you hide behind an endless stream of quotes and links, it’s impossible to hide who you are. The eyes are windows to the soul? No way, more like “your twitter stream is a window to the soul.” Because as the good book says, “out of the overflow of thy heart, thy tweets speak.”

Now here’s my top twenty list of MUST FOLLOWS on twitter. These are such good friends I have their handles memorized. Just click on their face and it’ll take you to their page so you can follow them immediately. Seriously, these are cool dudes and dames who know how to do twitter. They’re not followers…they’re friends.

#1: The hottest guy I tweet with:




















And my very SPECIAL AWARD I’m giving out goes to Gary for the┬áBest Twitter Bio I’ve Ever Seen:

Congrats, Gary! You’ve won travel sized Kleenexes and a half-eaten box of Jelly Bellies! Email me your addy!

What are some of your random thoughts about twitter?

Why do you like it? Why don’t you like it?


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